Dreams of being a firefighter
"wow armin is hot"
eren jaeger at some point probably (via somewhat-eren)
Anonymous asked:
i LOVE your work, Well, I wanna know if you could draw your perspective about the relationship between Rin, Nitori, Sousuke and Momotarou in the school... love you <3

'Does that feel better?'

Dramatical Kamigami Part II!
Mink as Hades
Used elements of dmmd and reconnect Mink, and his tattoo is based off of the geometric patterns of the blankets and pillows Mink has.
These are edits from scans of the Kamigami no Asobi Art book.
Koujaku | Clear

"What about a Kamigami no Asobi - DRAMAtical Murder crossover?" whispered me to myself. 
Koujaku as Susanoo Edit
It was supposed to be a quick recolor/edit for reference, and then I spent more time on it than I should have.
DRAMAtical Kamigami: 1 of 12-ish?
Mink | Clear

kat wanted a prostitute aoba and i was happy to deliver.